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Below is our Concerts and Demonstrations list from 2019


2019 Concerts and Demonstrations

Thank you instrument makers and performers for another successful event!

Saturday, May 4

1:00 Mitch Imori on banjo by Patrick Huff
1:15 Craig Alden Dell on classical guitar by Michael Elwell
1:30 Kyle Neidig on flutes by Kyle Neidig
1:45 Isaac Engle on classical guitar by Robert Hamm
2:00 Bryan Johanson on classical guitar by Gregory Miller
2:15 Gagandeep Singh mandolin by G.D. Armstrong
2:30 James Reid on classical guitar by Jeffrey Elliott
2:45 Steve Lindberg on guitar by Dan Biasca
3:00 Peter Zisa on classical guitar by Richard Prenkert
3:15 Zach Allan on electric guitars by Zach Allan
3:30 Peter Zisa on classical guitar by Cyndy Burton
3:45 Andrew Yacuk on guitars by Scott Ackley
4:00 John Paul Shields on classical guitar by Pat Foster

Sunday, May 5

12:45 Les McMasters and Michael McIntosh on steel string guitars by Les McMasters
1:00 Del Puckett on cigar box guitar by Del Puckett
1:15 Travis Stine on ukuleles by Mark Roberts
1:30 Travis Stine on ukuleles by Kerry Char
1:45 John Dodge and Peter Zisa on steel string and classical guitars by John Mello
2:00 Cameron O'Connor on classical guitar by Peter Thorsson
2:15 Cameron O'Connor on classical guitar by Woodley White
2:30 Josiah Payne on mandolin by Jayson Bowerman
2:45 Mary Flower on steel string guitars by Jay De Rocher
3:00 Sean Koreski on pan flute & organ by Sean Koreski
3:15 Caleb Prescott on tenor ukulele by Wendy Schaefer
3:30 Ryan Walsh on classical guitar by Maxwell Sipe
3:45 Gayle and Phil Neuman on Renaissance woodwinds by the Neumans
4:00 Amy Hakanson on hardanger fiddle by Lynn Berg
4:15 Ben Bonham on guitars and more by Ben Bonham

Updated May 6th, 2019



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